Thursday, 13 November 2014

Western Cape Family Camp 2014

Warm sunny weather greeted campers as they arrived on the Friday at De Hollandsche Mollen just outside Franschoek.  Peter and Mary Hawes, after a long journey joined us for a wonderful weekend full of Fellowship and the richness of God’s Word. The Friday was given over to settling in and renewing acquaintances, many folk only arriving Saturday.However a blessed praise and worship meeting was enjoyed after dinner, the Holy Ghost giving immediate direction to the weekend through an abundance of Spiritual Gifts that continued to  proliferate in all the meetings.

The Lord began by reminding us that though we can plumb the greatest depths or scale the tallest heights His love is infinite and we enjoyed a glorious revelation of His Greatness, which love and greatness demands a response. His willingness to impart His Living Word into our hearts in a powerful way became so obvious. We were exhorted to examine our hearts condition, for it is only with the right heart that we can receive the Word with gladness. The ministry was rich and full and so much more could be said and many reports written.

Not a single person left without having had a personal and intimate appointment with the Lord where the deep issues of the heart were exposed and brought to light. I think it fair to say that we all made some serious admissions and committed ourselves to His working, bringing powerful change in our lives.

It would be remiss not to give a big thank you to our “Kitchen Hero’s” who freely gave of themselves, selflessly ministering to our needs. It is a massive task catering for the camp, lots of late nights that become early mornings in preparation and constant labour throughout the weekend to present   Five Star food! We also thank Peter and Mary Hawes for being so willing to come all this way to minister to us, it was a blessing.

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